Monday, April 11, 2005

Royal Wedding

So Camilla was so laid back about the whole thing she turned up at the church wearing her dressing gown! I think she was also making a point about not being officially being called Queen by wearing a crown of twigs and not a proper diamond tiara.

I picked up the wrong coffee on the way into work. When I got to the office I noticed that I was holding a watery concoction and not my usual soya latte. I walked back round to Cafe Nero and the Ukrainian Trainee Barrista laughed and said, "Ah, so you are the spare Soya Latte!" Oh, crikey I have started blogging about what type of coffee I drink. This is bad.

I am going to see the film adaption of JT Leroy's, "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" tonight with Fox and Flattie. JT will be having a Q and A after the screening. I didn't actually believe JT was a real person, a bit like the young author in Armistead Maupin's book The Night Listener, but if he is there in person I stand corrected.

My back still hurts. Mark+drink+stairs is such a bad idea. I am going to try and eliminate at least one of the factors in future.

Flattie has an audition to day for the orchestra at The Royal Opera House. He has been practising hard all week and he has been forced to play bits of Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, much to my delight! I hope he gets it, discount tickets! Huzzah!

Right better get back to trying to find accommodation for two cute French boys arriving tomorrow!


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