Monday, April 04, 2005

Film, Dance, Art! So cultured!

I seem to have fitted quite a lot in this weekend. I met up with Mike who was over from DC and we saw the dreadful film Sugar at the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Based on stories by Bruce Labruce, it was one of those innocent boy falls in love with crack head hustler, who abuses him and then dies leaving the innocent a wiser man films. The strongest character was the innocently young sister. A wise cracking Ritalin dosing 10 year old. After the film we headed to Trash Palace and then went onto Popstarz. I think I must be getting old as the crowd at Popstarz seems incredibly young, still I had a good time.

On Saturday I went to Tate Modern where they have a really eerie sound installation: As you walk down the length of the Turbine Hall you hears all these voices and sounds. Well worth a trip and it's free! We also went to see the Joseph Beuys exhibit which is pretty disappointing. The Pack is the best thing in the show, but I wouldn't spend £8.00.

In the evening I went to the Opera House to see the Royal Ballet in a Mixed Bill. I brought the ticket ages ago as they were supposed to be premiering a new work by Chris Wheeldon. I really love his work, and a friend, Jean Marc was designing the piece. Unfortunately Chris had been ill with a virus and had not been able to complete the work so they had two other Pas de Deux, an old Wheeldon and a Balanchine. The casting was brilliant, with all the big names, but I just felt the evening was a bit flat, I didn't really like any of the work. I left the theatre and met the Johns for pizza. They had been to see a film at the South Bank, Summer Sun, a German film which sounded much better than Friday's offering. Flattie had been filling in at Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and so we went over to Trash Palace to meet him, Matt the Violinist, Tim the Writer and Iain Mac who was there with Andy. TP was busy and they were doing glam rock make overs again, we resisted! David Corby was there with his cute Aussie mate Ian and he put me down on the guest list for Wig Out at Ghetto. Mike and Jason turned up too and so we stayed at Tp for a few more drinks and then Flattie and I headed over to Wig Out.

It was their birthday party. Badges and Laughing Gas. Hmmm. We jumped around a lot. I thought there was a remote chance that I might get a snog off Cute Aussie Ian, but unfortunately just as I geared up to move in he slumped in a drunken heap at the side of the dancefloor. My timing sucks. Flattie and I scooted home.

On Sunday I was meeting the Breeders for lunch. Lou and Ian are over from DC for a week with the kids and had organised for Simon, Alison, New Baby, Spencer and I to come over for lunch. They are house sitting for some friends in a huge place in Tooting. I misread the address and the taxi pulled up outside a rather grotty looking council house. Realising there must be some mistake I reread the text and noticed that I was supposed to be at Streathbourne Road, not Streatham Road. I was only half an hour late, which for me is pretty good on a Sunday! The food and wine was delicious. It was a lovely relaxed afternoon. We have almost come to a decision about New Baby's name. It could be Tom or Theo or Caspar. However, it could all change. Alison can't decide and Simon doesn't want to be the one who chooses because he feels in 6 months time he will be blamed if the name is wrong!

We all left at 10 and I nipped into the Kazbar on the way home, the boys had said they would be there. Iain Mac was at the bar chatting up Tim the Writer, whilst the Johns, fraser, Fox and Martin looked on! Ed the Tennis Player came over and was being very flirtatious. I don't think he is interested, but he is very witty and has such twinkly eyes, so I really don't mind the flirting!


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