Friday, March 04, 2005

A slack update

Rufus was a strange concert. It was at a very small venue and was a bit of a showcase for the UK release of Want Two. I was lucky enough to get sent a copy last year and so I know the album pretty well but there were lots of people there expecting him to play more from his back catalogue. He only had half his band with him too, no backing singers:-( However he sounded great and interspersed the gig with witty stories, I think everyone went home happy.

Last night I went to see the revival of Matthew Bourne's Highland Fling. I love Matthew's work: and Highland Fling was his first full length ballet. His attention to detail is great, each dancer has a very specific character. The first act was set in a Glasgow club and then a flat in a housing project and was really funny and well observed but the second act fell a bit flat. The hero has fallen from the window and lands in a forest of Sylphs. They seduce him and then he tries to leave with the lady sylph who he saw in act one. He ends up cutting off her wings and she dies and he is attacked by the other sylphs and then becomes one himself. Last night's lead was Will Kemp, who is gorgeous. I've tried to persuade him to be a "Special Booking" for us on many occasions but he did the Gap ads and that is it. He wants to be taken seriously as an actor. I think he is going to find it hard because he has a bit of a stammer. Oh well.

After the show I met a couple of friends in the pub. One of my Flatmate's best friends was having a 30 year old crisis. Not satisfied with his job, partner. You know the thing. He has a lovely boyfriend, really nice job, cute dog and an amazing house, but it's still not enough. We had a few drinks and ended up in a bar we lovingly refer to as The Sewers. It has a late liscence and that is the only reason anyone goes there. I was starting to feel the effects of the wine I had been drinking and perhaps didn't quite show the restraint expected of me when I was introduced to the guy from the gym that IO have a bit of a crush on. I think telling him I had a crush on him was a mistake, especially as he was trying to get off with my friend John. Whoops. I left a bunch of them there and my flatmate texted me this morning to let me know he had spent the night with the brother of a Big Brother Contestant. Fortunately the paparazzi were not staking out the flat when I left this morning, but they may have heard about it by the time I get home tonight. They love a D list celeb relation story!

I have just brought a laptop. A girl at work was selling it to fund a trip to Thailand. It is a Sony something and is so cute. I have a clunky IMac at home but this one can go anywhere. Perhaps this will be the incentive to start my novel/play or to make more use of my camera. We'll see. I have decided to call it Lulu. I figure I will sound less dorky if I tell people I am spending the night in with Lulu, rather than I am playing with my lap top.


Blogger Hot Toddy said...

You warm my cockles too. :)

11:26 AM  
Blogger Will said...

Oh, Toddy, you've just got a thing for hot cockles!

Mark, I just found your blog through Toddy's comments (thanks, Toddy) and will be visiting again.

7:07 PM  

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