Monday, February 21, 2005


Flattie's sister got married this weekend up North, which means I had the flat to myself. This means I mooched around in my underwear, listened to crap music and watched knock off DVD's that Clare from work had lent me. I watched Door In The Floor with Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger, a dull film about a marriage in crisis and Dogville, the Lars Von Trier movie with Nicole Kidman. Typical of a Von Trier movie it's harrowing stuff. I wasn't convinced by Nicole's performance, I think she is too weak/vulnerable to make the ending believable, but still worth a look.

On Saturday I met Fox, Adrian, Dan and Emily. We went to Trash palace where they were doing Glam Rock Makeovers. Adrian went first and had a pink and blue Ziggy Stardust lightening flash across his face. Impressed with the results I opted for a black and glittery star over my left eye. Of course we forgot we had them done and I wondered why I was getting funny looks as we walked from TP to Wig Out.

At Wig Out things slipped in the usual drunken chaos. I saw Paul Twin, who had just got back from visiting his brother Steven Twin in Australia. It is a bit strange seeing one without the other. They were a bit of a Wig Out fixture. Fox got off with some German. He was having a bit of a German week as he had been flirting with another German on Thursday.

Flattie sent texts from his sister's wedding detailing the progress of events. It doesn't sound too much of a train wreck! I will get the full story this evening.


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