Saturday, February 05, 2005

that was no head cold

So the head cold actually turned out to be flu. I had forgotten how horrible real flu is. Fever, sweating, aching everywhere, unable to breathe, unable to sleep, horrible. I called the office at 8.30 on Friday morning and told them I wouldn’t be in. The next time I looked at the bedside clock it was 2.30pm. I struggled into the living room with the duvet and collapsed on the sofa with a mug of Lemsip Blackcurrant Flu Formula. In the time since I left college daytime TV has changed beyond recognition. Now it’s packed with chat shows, garden makeovers, buy a place in the sun shows, sell your old junk at bootsales/auction houses shows and even buy stuff from boot sales in the sun and sell it at boot sales here in the UK. ( I am serious!) It’s very soothing and I am sure helped my recovery. I even got to see an episode of my ex’s old favourite, “Ready, Steady, Cook”.

I was back in bed by 10 and had a much better night . I was awoken by my mobile ringing.(It plays a dreadful version of Scissor Sisters, “Filthy Gorgeous”) It was Black John to say the model he booked for a shoot had not yet arrived, and he knew I was at home sick but no one else was answering their phone. Grrr! I called the model and of course all I got was their answering machine so i left a shitty message. Fortunately BJ had booked another guy, so he would just have to double up on the shots. Anyway I was up and out of bed and feeling so much better than I had for the past two days, so I made some toast and finished off the book I had been reading.

Flattie teaches on a Saturday and so I had the place to myself for the morning. Laundry on, a bit of low key tidying. (If Flattie reads this he will laugh because the tidying was so low key he will not have noticed it! It was clearing out of a couple drawers,actually!) I needed to buy milk, cereal and something for lunch but wasn’t sure I could make it to Sainsburys. I walked round the corner to Pikey Iceland and brought some soup and milk and took advantage of the two for one Oat So Simple offer. I also broke down in the pizza section and brought three for £4!! Listen, they are frozen and so I can have one a week as a special treat!

Flattie called to say he, Mac and White John were at Eco having lunch and did I need any medication picking up on the way home. What a sweet heart! I walked up to meet them for coffee after promising that I was no longer contagious. Mac was recovering from a drinking binge that had started on Thursday afternoon and had finished early this morning. He and Jamie are a terribly destructive combination. WJ and BJ are going to Action tonight, which means they will end up after the after hours club Beyond. I do not think that is compatible with my recovery programme and so I will give it a miss. (FYI: I loathe Action and Beyond.)

Fox is in Manchester. Look out Canal Street, beware the predatory gentleman in yellow socks!


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