Thursday, February 03, 2005


Have a stinking cold. Lemsip and loo roll at hand. I am wearing pink and orange Missoni socks and brown fabric Coach logo shoes. Grumpy David said that my cold has taken an unusual twist and blocked not my nose, but my sense of pattern co ordination. When I got dressed this morning I was feeling so rough and miserable I put on things I thought would perk me up. A bit like clothes as vitamins, hence the orange socks and bright yellow watch strap and pastelly pink and blue shirt, all the colours of little pills!

Tonight I have organised for Grumpy David, Fox and Flattie to go and see Sweeney Todd, the Sondheim musical. The boys don't normally do musicals, but I explained this one was blood thirsty and cannibalistic and they were sold on the idea. We'll see what they have to say later.


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