Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Feb 1st

Hi there,

I am just about recovered from Mac's impromptu after hours party on Sunday night. The gang had met up for dinner at The Railway at 8pm on Sunday. It felt a bit like a Guerilla Gay Bar event as there were about 12 of us and then another table of gayers beside us. We had spilt up on Saturday night, with Mac going to a party in Clapham, the Johns staying in and watching DVD's, Flattie and I at Duckie, Fox and Adrian at a fancy dress party, Liverpool Martin at Queer Nation and I can't recall where the others were.

Fox and Flattie had been shopping that afternoon and arrived laden with purchases just as I about to relate the tales from Duckie. I had been on moderate good behaviour because there had been work related people there and I don't like to be caught falling off stage by people I have to deal with professionally later in the week. However we had managed to find a little hottie for Flattie and things were proceeding nicely, kissing on dancefloor, etc. Unfortunately just before The Readers Wives played "Their favourite song of all time" the small cutie announced he was "too wasted" to accompany Flattie home and anyway, he was "too choosy". Hmm. Not very impressed. When we got home Flattie was still raging and threw stuff around. Fortunately our flat is sparsely furnished and most of it is unbreakable. The rest of the gays made sympathetic noises and we all agreed for the 7903 time that, "Men are bastards."

This sentiment was echoed by Mau Mau. Her married, but separated lover of the past two years announced by email (Very modern, but totally unacceptable) that he was in Argentina and sleeping with prostitutes. Difficult news for a gay man to come to terms with, for a girl as sensitive as Mau, it destroyed her. There was not much I could say to make her feel better. I guess at least he wasn't looking for another relationship, he just wanted quick anonymous sex. Men do stuff like that, men are ...(7904)

Suddenly they were calling last orders at the bar and we all piled back to Mac's flat for more drinks! I don't know how it happpened, but there was singing and dancing until the early hours. I would publish pictures but I feel there could be law suits!


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