Thursday, February 10, 2005

At dinner last night we were talking about my job and how it affects your relationships. There is definitely something of a "booker syndrome", the majority of agents I work with are single. I think this is partly due to being surrounded by unrealistic specimens. One tends to forget the guys we see on a daily basis make up something like 0.01% of the population, and no matter how many times you tell yourself this, it does give you unreal standards, especially as part of our job is scouting new talent, so we are evaluating everyone we meet. The other thing you learn when you do this is that beautiful people go through life being treated in a completely different way to ordinary mortals. As a rule people are much nicer to them and they get away with much more, as a result they tend to expect more to be done for them. They also have to deal with getting older and losing the power they once had. My colleague was a model in the late eighties and early nineties. He is still a very handsome man. Yesterday someone brought in an old issue of Blitz magazine. He was the cover boy. Everyone thronged round and all said variations of the same thing, "Didn't you used to be handsome!" Imagine how that must hurt, you made your living from looking good and that is something that has faded away forever. Very sad.

Another reason why we are all single is that we become control freaks. We spend our days organising the schedules of all the models. Sorting out their daily schedule, planning everything from flights to hair appointments, negotiating fees and arranging their portfolios. We have to be decisive. In a partner we tend to look for someone who will take over responsibility, but as much as we say we want to relinquish control we find it very difficult to release the reins.

That isn't meant to sound like a whinge. I love my job. Former model and I have been comparing notes on designers we have shagged. This fashion week we both have 1 each on the schedule! Sluts.


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