Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sshh. He's asleep..

I am writing this because I do not want to disturb Flattie, who despite many protestations about not going to Beyond this week arrived home at 10.30am this morning. I deduce that The Johns dragged him kicking and screaming from Action onto Beyond. However I could be slandering him and perhaps he met someone nice and went back to theirs for coffee and biscuits. Anyway, I don't want to crash around in my room too much as the boy will need his sleep, but having read a couple of chapters of The Da Vinci Code (I didn't realise it was such a trashy thriller, I thought it was one of those historical self helpy books.) and the review section of The Sunday Observer I am starting to get fidgetty.

Can you believe Leo Di Caprio has been given a life time acheivement award? Oh, and how about The History Boys winning Best New Play? Apparently the homophobic, paedophiliac plotlines are really rather sweet. Grrrrrrr!

Fox sent texts last night from Manchester saying it was rubbish. He didn't manage to pull, even though he had a lovley new shirt from Selfridges. Fox, not pull?!! Blimey there must have been something seriously off-kilter. I always did rather well in Manchester, I recall one particularly charming blond, rugby-playing doctor and a night at Mal Maison. Sighs...


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