Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Let it snow!

I woke up this morning and looked out at a London that had been sprinkled with snow. It's only a light dusting, but of course it means that London grinds to a halt. Roads are closed, Tubes can't run and the modeling fraternity are unable to leave their homes. Luckily the shows are on in Milan and so we are pretty quiet here anyway, but the snow seems to have silenced the phones today. I've been catching up with emails and filing! The phones do ring at annoying intervals, so you can't really get involved in writing a proper blog entry.

I've just nipped out with Gemma and Fraser to grab some lunch and help choose a shirt for Gemma's boyfriend's birthday. We did a quick tour of the men's stores in Covent Garden, she wants a floral pattern but not too flowery. Our shirt of choice was in Cecil Gee, it scored points for price and pattern and so that's the one he will be getting!

On the way back we accidentally stopped into The Cornish Pasty Shop for lunch. It felt good to be walking along in the snow eating hot pasties. I am from Plymouth, which is right next to Cornwall, and so was raised on quality pasties, and hell, it was a once in a blue moon treat!

Flattie came home yesterday evening. The wedding was a big success, the subzero temperatures didn't dampen anyone's spirits and there were no huge family dramas. His sister looked amazing, he played well and no one ended up in casualty. VG!


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