Thursday, March 24, 2005

I have a slight headache...

I thought today would be quiet. People closing down for the Easter holiday but it seems to have gone a bit mental and so I have not had chance to write a lengthy account of H&M's party. Here is a mini version. I had some work to finish off and so I arrived a little later than the rest of the crew. My name was not on the list. Humiliation, especially as the girl on the door was standing next to the ranks of Paps. Needless to say no one took a picture and I did my hair special! I think the guest list girl realised I had spent a bit of time on my hair because she smiled and let me in. (It was the opening of a shop after all!) It was 25% off everything, which at H&M means that they are practically paying you to take the stuff away. The champagne and lemon vodka cocktails slipped down a treat, the champagne and vanilla ones were not as pleasant, but there was plenty of them. I found our lot, clutching armfuls of stock in a buying frenzy. David and Greg were doing the jumpers, Clare was trying to convince herself that her bum would look nice in a pair of white jeans and Sandi was adding to her collection of handbags. (I believe we are in triple figures!) The New Faces boys were looking gorgeous and knocking back the cocktails like fruit juice. This may have explained why they ended up wearing Superman pants over their trousers and cowboy hats, playing hide and seek.

I bumped in to Luke from Attitude, whose hair is quite Farah Fawcett. I also saw Alan Gelati and Andrew Borthwick, the bookers from Storm, Nicola from Dazed, Jonathan the promoter who is doing Tart at Substation tonight, Richard Arnold from GMTV ( I think you should be buying a larger size sir!) Jimmy Carr (the comedian) and a bunch of other fashion types. Erin O'Connor arrived with her booker Tori late and so we all piled out and nipped down the road for more drinks and a gossip at The Grapes. Fraser (Junior booker on the women's division) was sat next to Erin doing an impression of a goldfish. I think he was a little star struck. Erin teased me about how disappointed her sister was when she discovered I batted for the other team, and no, before you evils say anything Erin's sister is not deaf and blind!

I got home just before midnight and may have eaten some chips. Eeek! Lovely flatmate had taped Desperate Housewives and Make Me An Anorexic Depressive, sorry Supermodel.

The goody bag was actually a chocolate Easter Egg containing a diamante cross. I brought some socks anyway!

Happy Easter.


Blogger Hot Toddy said...

Please tell me how to make a champagne lemon vodka cocktail. Are the only ingredients champagne and lemon vodka? If so, I may be able to handle mixing those for my party tonight. If there is something else in there, like shrimp or butter or something, please let me know so I don't ruin the drinks.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Hanuman1960 said...

Hi Mark

Really enjoy your Blog! Sorry to be an uber-nerd, but I hear that all that the British TV and radio stations can talk about over there, is the return of Doctor Who this Saturday! Is that true? Inquiring minds want to know!

P.S. I agree, that cocktail thingy sounds tasty! Won't you please post the recipe?

2:04 PM  

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