Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Baby Love....

was cracking open a bottle of red when Flattie walked into the kitchen,
F: Hard day at work?
M: Al’s in labour!
F: Hmmm, I always had her down for a Daily Mail reading Tory.
M: No, no! It’s baby alert time.
So now we wait.....

Al is my best girlfriend. We have been incredibly close since we met in the Constitutional and Admin lecture during our first year of our Law Degree. I could write an epic about our adventures since then but if I tell you both her mother and her husband (Simon) came over on the day of her wedding and said that she should be marrying me, it should give you some idea of our relationship. When I found out she was pregnant, I felt very strange. I was delighted for them but this was tempered with a sadness and perhaps even a bit of jealousy. It’s just a reminder that the chances of me becoming a parent are neglible, and as an only child, I’m not even a real uncle to anyone. Enough of the self pity! I am a Nearly Uncle to my cousins kids and my other uni friends Lou and Ian have three boys I adore and have been lucky enough to be part of their growing up. Now I shall be a Nearly uncle again, and this time I’ve even been privvy to the naming debate. We’ll see how much imput I’ve had later. Anyway, when I last spoke to her the contractions felt like waves of constipation, uncomfortable, but not unbearable. I have never experienced waves of constipation, without going into too much detail, actually I am not going into any detail about my bowel movements here, it is not that kind of blog.

Good luck Al and Simon.


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Thank you so much for leaving out some details!

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