Sunday, April 10, 2005


I am very sore. It's the kind of pain that even two Nurofen Extra doesn't seem to have made a difference to. I slipped on the steps at Duckie last night and landed with a resounding thwack on my back. My ribs hit the corner of one of the stairs and seemed to take most of the impact. I was winded and so staggered outside gasping and wincing. The nice securtiy ladies came over to check I was OK. One even went inside and retrieved my glasses which miraculously had survived in one piece. I don't want to sound like a hypochondriac but I think I might have cracked a rib. When I woke up this morning and yelped as I rolled over I realised that I had done some damage!

Apart from the spectacular finale the evening had been fun. I met the Johns at Balans for dinner. They had been to see Dorian Blue at the Film Festival and had enjoyed it as much a I had the week before. We had a corner table and so could ogle the comings and goings and marvel at the turnover at the place. They must be making a fortune. After dinner we walked over to the Retro Bar, where one of my Friendster's Sean was having his birthday party. Sean is mates with Chris who I had a brief thing with and who I still have a soft spot for and was trying his hand at being the DJ. His mixing skills need to be worked on but he played some great tunes and soon the packed bar upstairs was swaying. Sean was dressed as if he was about to take a cruise on a liner, all blue and white stripey jacket and YSL shorts. He was having a bit of trouble with his Miu Miu belt, (a birthday present from Chris) but helped him fix it in the toilet, as you do. Wendy (my drama teacher when I was 15) runs the pub and rolled her eyes when I arrived, "You two know each other? I might have guessed!" she said, before scooting off to collect glasses and organise the buffet. Fox was already there and shortly after us Cosgrove arrived with Little Tim. They may be an item. I saw someone who I recognised but couldn't figure out where from and then I realised it was Kiki (Of Kiki and Herb fame) but in what I would imagine you would call daywear. I always thought that the front part of Kiki's hair was real, but Justin has very short hair and so it must all be wig. Fox had taken a shine to the assistant DJ, who of course was straight and I liked this slightly swarthy looking guy, who explained was there with his girlfriend. Sigh.

Liscencing Laws being what they are in the UK last orders were called at 10.45 and a plan was hatched for everyone to move onto Shinky Shonky. The Johns are not big fans of the Indie gay scene and so they headed off to Bar Code, where the men are beefy and wouldn't be seen dead wearing a jaunty silk scarf. Little Tim said he was tired and so he and Cosgrove went home, which left Fox and I to party on. We arrived at Shinky Shonky ahead of the throng and just as we got to the bar they announced that there would be no draft beers. Grrr. The lights above the dancefloor had also fused and so it was looking too good. Still the DJ is good and soon I was leaping around to the B52s or something similar. Unfortunately there was a guy standing behind me with a full pint ( i think he had the last one before the pumps failed) and I knocked his elbownd of course emptied the full pint all down his front. Whoops! I apologised profusely and brought him another beer and he was very civil about the whole thing. Phew! Fox of course found this all highly amusing. However the no draft beer and poor lighting situation was starting to wind me up so I dragged Fox out and we caught a cab down to Duckie, where they do have draft beer and the lights work. Fox did good work with a Liverpuddlian, who unfortunately actually lives in Liverpool, and you know of course that I fell over. I did find a business card in my jeans pocket this morning. Someone called Leon gave it to me. I wonder who he is.


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