Thursday, July 14, 2005

I adopted three new children on holiday

On our first day by the pool in Mykonos, I noticed three exhuberant kids larking around on the sun lounger one along from ours. Frazzle had already checked them out and decided the smaller furry one was worth investigating more closely and so was pretending to listen to his mini iPod whilst actually eavesdropping on the conversations next to him. The tall one walked over and caught sight of Frazzle's reading material, "Wow, Pamela Anderson has written a book?! How fabulous!"
He was obviously Australian. There followed some small talk about the location of cashpoints in the town and whether any of us were attending the orientation meeting later that evening. They twisted my arm and so I changed and walked into town to find out from Phil, the dullest tour rep in the world, where the beaches were located on , "The Island Of Mykonos". I guessed they would be at the point where the land met the shore, and as we were on an island, that was all around us. Phil proved me right. He also then told us how to hire a quad bike (There are no hospitals on The Island Of Mykonos, so no mopeds for the Gays) and not to take pictures of the planes at the airbase. "See that island out there? That's the prison! You could be there for months!" We all thought it sounded like a cheap holiday.

Grrr, I have to leave the office as the cleaner wants to do my desk. Here are the kids....


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