Friday, May 13, 2005

5 Things

Grrr! Having a tricky day at work and now Mr Renzi has tagged me in a game of Blog Meme's! I now have to write a list of 5 things that society-at-large likes, yet I don't get.
1. South African accents.
I have nothing against South Africans, I have met some very nice ones. However, even the really nice ones just sound rude. It's something about the tone of voice. I find it really grating. Actually I don't believe society-at- large really likes the South African accent, so perhaps this doesn't count.

2. Rap Music
I am not down with da kidz and most certainly do not wanna slap ma bitch up. I think I must be getting old. I like pretty tunes.

3. London Underground
It's dirty, hot and overcrowded. My very least favourite thing is when a via Bank train pulls into Kennington and there is a via Charing Cross Train on the other platform, which closes it's doors and pulls out of the station just as 150 commuters have leaped off the Bank train and belted across the platform. Grrrrr! Why couldn't you have waited 10 more seconds? The next via Charing Cross train is inevitably 13 minutes away.
4. Cooked Fruit
Eversince I was a child I have always disliked the taste and texture. No mince pies, apple pie or rhubarb crumble for me please. *Gags at thought*

5.Football (Soccer)
Another one from my school days. Possibly because my dad was not a fan and I don't have any brothers and so I never really got the hang of kicking a ball around. By the time I got to school age most boys my age knew the rules, had favourite players, a team kit and didn't flinch when a ball was kicked in their direction. I never caught up. Even watching Freddie Ljungberg running around wears a bit thin after the first 40 minutes.

6. (In case No.1 didn't count) George Bush/Tony Blair
Both voted in again. Why?


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