Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Last night there were two fashion party invites on my desk. A box set of postcards from the lovely people at Diesel for their Noir Nuit launch at the store on the Kings Road and an email print out from someone on the women's division for the Puma Party. Diesel always throw a good bash and usually a nice gift on the way out (last season's sunnies were a particular favourite!) last night was more subdued. Great Mojitos, disappointing giftage (Black leather wallet/clutchbag) and one C list TV presenter. Still the traitors who left us to set up their own rival agency were there and it was good to catch up and have a bit of a gossip.

I was with some models and they were bored of shop talk and so we jumped in a cab and whizzed over to Paddington Street for Puma. In the taxi it was the usual model gossip. I cannot reveal which male model is allegedly humping a top male designer to boost his profile because I really don't think it's true. The story of the top photographer who offered a cute South African Surfer the chance to appear in a huge campaign if he noshed him off and then just took a couple of polaroids of the hapless boy and sent him on his way, is probably true.

Puma was in a cool space. The drinks were not as fancy, but I liked the idea of having a fake band of mannequins standing at the far end of the room with animated cartoon faces projected onto their heads, so it appeared as if they were yelling/blinking and singing. FYI it didn't work if you stood in front of one of the mannequins and closed your eyes unless the projection was the green one. I would illustrate with pictures but my camera was in my other bag. More models, more cool people. Lovely James who was just back from LA and looking very cute with his sister wearing a Jonathan Saunders. (why do I feel proud?) A guy from Friendster who I freaked a little bit by saying I recognised him from Friendster and an annoying person who writes for a website and is in love with one of my Brazilians. Oh, they had chips with ketchup too! Yum.

I left at 9.45 and headed to the tube to meet Fox who is off to NYC and give him my free cocktail card for the Dream Hotel. We met in the Kazbar which Flattie said had been heaving last week. There were four other people there when I arrived. I will have to ask Flattie what he means by heaving. Fox pitched up and we decided that everyone must be in the Brewers. They were not. It was just a Karaoke Night. FOx was going to sing a Texas song. I was going to do Love Is In The Air, but it was full of professional Karaoke types who ha already written about 30 request each. Fox then started working the Scottish thing and before I knew it he was talking to some hulk of a fella and had that twinkle in his eye. I left them to it. Walked home and watched a bit of my Kid Creole DVD that arrived in the morning. Blimey, it's a school night. I need my bed!


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