Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Recent events

Have been really busy with work and so haven't made time to sit down and update the old blogspot.

Briefly the high-lights have been, Rufus Wainwright (again) at The Sheperd's Bush Empire. A great gig, really polished. I get the feeling that Rufus is starting to get a bit tired of touring, he has been on the road for ages promoting the Want albums. His voice was great, the band was really tight, but it felt just a little bit slick and perhaps not quite as spontaneous as past gigs. The boy needs a holiday!

That was followed on Sunday by Gay Bingo, The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High St E1. It's hosted by Santanica Pandamonia with John Sizzle on the decks playing the kitschiest classics between games. We didn't win anything, which is a damn shame as the prizes are all gay porn! Santanica was working a Space theme, although how that realtes to him ending up naked and covered in blue paint, I have no idea. It finishes at 9.30 and so we decided to stop off on the way home at Big Jim's Sunday club, Horse Meat Disco. There is always a great mix of people there, fashion students, bears, people who haven't made it home from Saturday night and the DJ's play a random selection of music. I eneded up talking to a tall skinny young thing from Hackney. To save him the long journey home on his bike I offered to let him stay the night. He accepted.

On Monday I went to Dinner at the W'Sens with a couple of agents from New York. It's another Philippe Starck style interior, and the food is delicious but the portions are tiny. I was not as sparkly as the interior and spent much of the evening stifling yawns and trying not to let on I'd rather be at home in bed to catch up on sleep I had missed the night before. (Ahem)

I had arranged to meet Hackney Boy on Wednesday, but he called me as I walked through the door on Tuesday evening to say that he had just become an uncle and was planning to go and see the new baby on Wednesday. I thought this was a polite brush off, but far from it. He actually wanted to meet up that evening. Flattie was eavesdropping and told me I had to summon up my energy reserves and head out for the 5th night in a row. One quick shower later and I was on my way back into town.

Now if truth be told I was a bit drunk on Sunday evening and so I could really remember much about Hackney Boy, and I had shoved him out early on Monday morning as I had to get up for work. I arrived at The Edge and saw him reading a book near the door. First impressions, he was cute, with floppy brown hair and VERY tight jeans. He looked about 23. I grabbed a beer and went over and joined him. The conversation flowed fairly easily, he is 23, a student studying in London for a MA in French Literature. He is from Sheffield was at uni in Cambridge and spent a year living in Paris. He doesn't know London very well. We walked down to Boheme Kitchen for Steak Frites and he fessed up that the new nephew thing was a ploy. He was not going to see it tomorrow, he just wanted to meet up sooner! How sweet!

After dinner we popped into Trash Palace, but it was empty and so we rounded the evening off by walking arm in arm to the river and over the Hungerford Bridge to Waterloo. Very successful!

I stayed in on Wednesday.

On Thursday it was over to the Barbican to see Julius Caesar that my friend Tom had designed. It's directed by Deborah Warner and stars Ralph Fiennes (Not very good) Fiona Shaw (amazing) Simon Russell Beale (vg) and Anton Lesser (also vg). The set was vintage Tom: glass walls, empty spaces, video projections and for the second act he interprets images from the conflict in Afghanistan. Very powerful. I was all hyper afterwards. Probably should have blogged about it when I got home!

We went for usual post work drinks at the Box on Friday, but I wimped out early and went home with a bag of chips! So tired.

On Saturday I cleaned the flat, tidied my room, did laundry, mucked around with Lulu Laptop and cooked a huge pot of Moroccan stew. Went to meet Hackney Boy at the cinema. We went to see the Korean version of Dangerous Liaisons because his current essay is all about the novel. It's a beautiful film, but it's quite long. We missed last orders by the time it finished and so I made my way back to Clapham and met up with the gang who were just heading off to Duckie. Duckie sober is a strange experience. Got home at 2.00 and flattie and I sat up and watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch, till Flattie fell asleep.

Sunday I slept in late and then got up and did constructive chores like de-scaling the kettle and buying a new clothes dryer from the pound shop. So glamorous! We were supposed to be at Martin's Tapas birthday dinner at 5pm on Sunday, but I couldn't find the instructions to my camera and so Michael went on ahead and I slammed doors and drawers. I still can't find the manual.

Dinner was fun, although we waited for over an hour for Paul, Amir and Fox to join us. Very bad form! We had clubbed together and brought Martin a mini iPod, which he was thrilled with. (Yea! Good friends!) We ate loads, some people drank many martinis, some drank wine. Everyone teased Grumpy David about his Thomas Dolby hair. ( He has since shaved his head!) We left the restaurant and wandered along to the Kazbar, met Fox and Cosgove and Cosgrove's new boyfriend Tim. (see previous posting about Duckie Triumph) I spoke to Tim for the first time properly. He seems really nice, but he was very indiscreet about a mutual friend of ours. V flattering for me tho!

Hackney Boy was bored with his essay and so had cycled to Horse Meat. He wanted me to come over and meet him and so suddenly we were all in taxi's on our way to Vauxhall. The gang all like Hackney Boy, but do feel that it will all end in tears! He said they all seemed very friendly. He stayed over and of course I felt like rubbish all day on Monday!

Tonight I have a presentation at GQ, they are talking to me about their new magazine GQ Style.

Ha ha! Have just had internal email: X Tv show are ...are filming at the agency on Friday.

So please have a tidy up, make the place look as professional as possible, put your best TV friendly clothes on (no 'screen clash' patterns) and remember 'blusher is our friend'!

The mischievous Men's Division have all decided to come to work in fancy dress!


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