Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lt Geo.'s party

I have been really busy again and haven't had a chance to write about Lt George's party, which was a blast. I met a kindred (evil) spirit Simon, and before too long we were rifling through George's possessions, trying on his flying suit and posing for pictures. We were just about to do a comedy series of shots with Lt George's toothbrush disappearing down Simon's underpants which we would email to Lt George the following week by which time he would have used the tainted toothbrush on numerous occasions, but George walked in and spoiled the surprise. There were a collection of handsome A Gays, a couple of very chatty American ladies and a small child. I of course spent the evening chatting to the ladies and the child! Typical! I should have been finding an A Gayer. I brought Lt George a t shirt from Duffer with the old Back To The Future logo on it which I thought would go down well at Popstarz. Lt George tried it on and Simon, Ned and I squealed at how big it made his biceps look. A couple of students from the Uni were there too. Lt George unwrapped on gift, a fluffy neon pink dog and a teddy bear and I couldn't contain my laughter, "Lt Geo, who on earth brought you that hideous dog?"
"Actually, I did." Said the student standing to my left, "It's a collectors item"
I had grabbed the gifts and was photographing them in simulated sex acts.
"I don't think you are a nice person at all." said the student.
"No, he is completely evil" said Simon winking.
Lt George ushered the student away, thanking him as only a polite American can for the delightful gift.

We all drank alot. The cute student from Texas with the pierced lip seemed to have imbibed more than most. He went through all the stages of drunk; happy, aggressive, morose, comatose (I have a couple of good pictures!) and finally he projectile vomited all over Lt Geo's ensuite. Brilliant.


Blogger EnviroWonk said...

You have all the fun!


11:30 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

outrageous ... are you always this caustic and fun? You have to keep the poor students on their toes, otherwise they think you are boring. I'm surprised he said you were not a nice person ... how bold.


10:26 AM  
Blogger jon said...

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Thanks for the great posts...


11:02 PM  

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