Friday, May 20, 2005

Buy the Book

Last night was Big Word Will's book launch. It was at his publisher's house and there was a really eclectic mix of people. Flattie and I met at Hammersmith as Iain Mac who was supposed to be driving us was delayed at his healing session with the Psychic Natalia. We grabbed a glass of wine, gave Will a hug and walked into the living room. Flattie was on sparkling form, and had soon engaged the Andy Warhol look-a-like next to him in conversation. It turns out the Andy Warhol guy was the husband of Will's old English Teacher who passed away last year, and to whom Will has dedicated his new novel. We were almost in tears and we'd only been there five minutes. Standing next to Andy Warhol was a tall, attractive fellow who Flattie and I both recognised. After the usual exchanges we had managed to establish he was from Clapham and he knows the Johns. I asked him where he knew them from and he explained that he really only knows JC. Before I could find out more Flattie hissed in my ear, "He knows JC, you idiot!"
I grabbed my wine glass and walked through the kitchen where Dale was trying to decide if he should accept the offer of a lead in the tour of Mamma Mia. He has already been in the West End run for a year, but this would be playing a different character. I said if I was in his shoes my decision would be based on where the tour was going. I must admit, Germany, Belfast, Edinburgh and South Africa would not be on my top ten destinations. Will introduced us to his nephew, who looks like Will did when I first met him, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. I walked into the garden and was introduced to Tom. We debated Jamie and Jules Oliver (who should have been on my list of 5 things I don't get) and then moved onto reality TV in general. Tom dates one half of The Reader's Wives and Will's ex, David who had also joined the Jules and Jamie debate had done some vocals on their new single. He played it for me on his iPod. It sounds a bit like an old Divine record, and David has added some muy caliente Spanish vocals. I expect I will be jumping around to it in the near future. By now Iain Mac was floating above the crowd as Natalia's energy channelling had kicked in and so he and Flattie dragged me out of the party to get some food. Not before I managed a sneaky kiss goodbye with the lawyer that knows JC.

We drove back to Clapham and had tapas at Rincon Latino and then popped into the Kazbar to meet Paul and Andy. I saw Florian, who as usual was looking super hot. He gave me a big hug and of course I melted like a teenager. Flo told me that Posh Jamie was in town last week and has got married to the Brazilian! I am waiting for official confirmation and have fired off an email to Singapore today.

Paul and Andy insisted I join them in The Sewers to watch Drag Idol. Amateur drag competition/car crash, highly entertaining. I wonder if Leather and Lace should enter?


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