Thursday, May 19, 2005

Purple ears!

Today I have a purpley black left ear and a greeny purple left eye! I didn't think your ears could bruise!

Last night I went to see my mate Ness strut her stuff at the Opera House. She was one of the 6 Princesses the Prince turns down at the ball before he gets off with the evil Odile. I texted her before the show to warn her not to wear the same colour frock as the other 5 (They normally all wear the same!), she replied that she was going on nude, the Prince would not be able to resist!! Act 3, on come the Princesses and no, Ness is not nude. On comes Darcey Bussell in her little black dress and once again the Prince chooses her. It a castastrophe, lightening flashes and Odette, the Swan Princess who he vowed to marry and love forever in Act 2, beats her wings against the palace window and then jumps in the lake and drowns. The End.

Afterwards I met Ness in the pub and we decided that she is definitely nicking the little black dress for the next show, and being a bit more pushy. Princess number 6 will outwit Odette and Odile! Tra la!


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