Friday, November 18, 2005

The journey home

I went to see the physical theatre company DV8 last night. Their shows are always visually stunning, and this latest one, “Just For Show” was amazing. Without a real plot, the show tells a series of short stories. My highlights were; the boy dancing with his hazy reflection in a full length mirror, then stepping through the apparently solid mirror accompanied by a collective audience gasp. The elegant, real-life mannequin, manipulated by suited dancers, while she extended greetings in several languages to the audience. I loved the shadowy gay club, where the lone illuminated dancer was partnered both in dance and sexual acts by shadowy forms, whilst an ever-changing web of colour morphed across the front of the stage. It was once again a performance that had everyone chatting animatedly as they left the theatre, discussing exactly what they had just seen. There is a documentary on television this evening about the former boyband Take That, by coincidence I found myself standing next to Jason Orange during the interval. For once I can report that time has been kind!

I am on the train en route from London to Plymouth. I managed to catch the fast train which takes about three hours. However we have been delayed so far by a swan on the line at Newbury and by a defunct level crossing at Corsham. I love the way that they can stop a train to escort a swan of the tracks but still plough through a woman and child. I don’t really feel cynical as it’s a beautiful day and the journey takes you through such gorgeous countryside, and although I have missed the best of the autumnal colours, it has been so mild that there is still much to admire.


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