Monday, October 17, 2005


On Friday I went to see Texas with Cosgrove and Fox. We missed the first half hour, but what we saw was brilliant. Sharleen was on fiesty form. She sang all our favourites and we all sang along. I didn't realise how popular they were with The Lesbians. There were loads of gurlz in the crowd and Sharleen flirted outrageously. Through Fox's connections we ended up having aftershow drinks. Sharleen Spitieri comes up to my nipple level, very tiny. They all were quite little. We got a taxi down to The Brewers and saw Tan, Mac, Rob Kent, Twin Paul and Flattie's latest conquest, Simon. Simon proceeded to tell me that there was some sexual chemistry going on between Rob Kent and I, and that we should stop larking around and get it on. I think Rob was a bit shocked, especially as he has been going on dates with Iain Mac. Potentially very messy.

Saturday: New cushions to match the gay wallpaper. New landline phone. Flat starting to look less like a squat. Johns come round. We drink lots of wine.

Sunday: Laundry. Sexy Roger is in town for three weeks. We meet for drinks and food. I try not to dribble when I talk to him. He tells me dirty stories. I almost choke on my drink when he declares that my farts smell of lube. (I can assure you reader, they do not.) We are all disturbed by the news that someone was gay bashed and murdered on Clapham Common on Friday night. Horrible.


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