Thursday, August 11, 2005

More telly, sorry

I don't want this to be a telly blog, but the first two episodes of Lost were screened last night and Flattie and I were glued to the sofa's. The first 10 minutes were compelling and the show looks really promising. Really cute cast, two ex Models, Ian Somerhalder (doesn't really count as he was always about 5'9 and too short to be serious model) and Josh Holloway ( taller proper model) but surely the hottest is Matthew Fox. Totally hot! Flattie liked it so much he stayed up and watched episode three on E4. I bet he tells me key stuff before next Wednesday. Grrr.

I have been avoiding this year's Big Brother, but they managed to sandwich an eviction between the two Losts. The annoying Craig was evicted. Nelly as hell, obsessed with the straight lad with the fit body, he still can't bring himself to say the word gay. Davina asked him if he had come to terms with his sexuality, he said he had and that everyone knew what he was, but he just couldn't say the word. Why not? You seem able to sound off about everything else! Grrr x 2. I really shouldn't watch the show.

It's really hot in London this week. The Johns are having a drinks in their Tardis sized garden on Saturday night. The perky/pesky weather woman Carol said on the BBC this morning that it would rain on Saturday. I wonder if they have made contingency plans? I don't want to mention it as Black John is already stressing about the whole thing.

Elephant, the furniture store on Tottenham Court Road is closing down. It has slashed the prices of it's stock and there is a really brilliant sideboard that I have my eye on. I am off home to measure up and hope that no one will get there before me tomorrow!


Blogger brucie said...

Me again! How great is Lost? Are you as hooked as I am?

Have you seen episode 4? That John Lock is an interesting one!

3:34 AM  

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