Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The repeatable parts of Brighton

Note to self: If you are planning to get up early, do your chores and catch a 13.30 train to Brighton for Pride, do not listen to Flattie when he is attempting to convince you that a, "cheeky last one in The Sewers" is a good idea. You will have more than one and it won't be cheeky. You will sleep in and not be anywhere near ready to get on a train at 1.30pm. Or 2.30.

My hangover was slightly alleviated by the joy of a clean bathroom/living room/kitchen! Magda the Cleaner came for the first time on Saturday morning and while I slept she worked her magic with scourers and Jif foam. The place glistened and smelled fresh! She is worth every penny.

Newly inspired, I packed an overnight back and headed off to Victoria to catch the train to Brighton. Everyone else had caught earlier trains so I had an hour alone with my iPod and the British Countryside. rather charming. I arrived and took a cab over to the hotel, The Lansdowne Place. Quick bag drop off in the room and then onto the park to meet the rest of the gang. The weather was good and the park was packed. Brighton Pride seems to lack the attitude of it's London counterpart, people are there to have a good time and not to snip or bitch. Before long and after several text messages I had found Grumpy and Mac, and soon we were sipping lagers outside the Wild Fruit Dance Tent. Miss Dior appeared dressed in sparkly white, which I thought perhaps inappropriate for a Festival in a field, but he carried it off. Mac and Grumpy were not feeling it and so they decided to head back to London, I went off to find Sharon Stone and his posse. They were by the cabaret tent where Dame Edna was belting out the tunes.

As the sun set we left the park and walked back into town for the party in Charles Street. Everyone else had the same idea, and the place was packed. We were by the Candy Bar sound system and were soon shaking it all out. I saw quite a few people from London as the crowds moved up and down the street.

We left at 11pm and head over to a club, unfortunately they wouldn't let Sonia in as it was a Man Only Bar, but we managed to pile into The Revenge Bar, just around the corner which was friendly and not too crowded.

There are tales to tell about what happened next, but they are not really my stories to share. Sharon let slip on Sunday morning in and Miss Dior could not restrain him from giving us TOO MUCH DETAIL!!


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