Friday, August 05, 2005

Sofa so good

After 2 years I have finally got round to buying new sofa's for my living room. Flattie and I have put up with the small yellowy-gold ones that came with the apartment but we both hate them so much, something had to be done. They were two seaters and at 6'1 my legs dangle over the end and Flattie complained that he and his gentleman caller could not get comfortable and intimate. I am slightly worried that having purchased two three seater whoppers I might now have more furniture than room. The Johns were with me to ensure I didn't do my usual trick of buying something impractical and glittery, and they assure me the new ones are stylish and comfortable. I can't link to a picture of them just yet, but if you can wait till around September 20th they should be in situ!

I am definitely reaching a new level of maturity, I went sofa shopping instead of going to the AXM summer party. Greg went, this morning he reported that it was a bit flat and the paparazzi kept shooting people he didn't recognise. (Probably Big Brother rejects!) Greg also went to see London's latest West End flop, "The Man in the Iron Mask". He says the critics were right and it is possibly the worst show he has ever seen. To have the leading man encased in a full face mask for much of the show does seem a bit of a production flaw, all his vocals were muffled and distorted. Apparently it closes on the 20th. I am going to try and see it before the end!!

After the sofa debacle I met up with Iain Mac, Mau Mau, Fox, Adrian, Tan and a couple of others. Tan was in an advanced state of drunkenness and dropped his pint which smashed and drenched me. Mmm, nice beery smelling Jeans and Converse combo! Mau Mau is a make up artist for films and normally has some juicy gossip, but she was a bit down and therefore light on stories. We went onto The Sewers, where it was packed with crew and cast members of Channel 5 soap Family Affairs. They were partying as the show has been axed and they all lose their jobs on Friday. It was Karaoke. Last time Fox backed out when they called him to the stage but buoyed by alcohol he said he would definitely sing if I agreed to join him on stage. Hmmm. Fox chose the Texas hit, "Say What You Want". FYI: Texas is not a big crowd pleaser karaoke-wise. We did our best, Fox doing the lead and me sort of double tracking on the bits I knew. Apparently we sounded quite good, and a couple of people danced, but I would have been happier with my tried and tested, "Love Is In the Air"

Tomorrow is Brighton Pride. Hopefully it will be bright and sunny as I am going down with the kids. Seaside shenanigans!!


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