Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who are they? (And a bit about telly!)

In case you were wondering who Miss Dior and Sharon Stone were.

Did anyone watch that TV programme "Sad To Be Gay"? It was about a 39 year old gay man from the UK who decides to be part of the Love In Action program in order to stop himself from being attracted to men, and to ultimately help him marry a woman, have children and become a family unit. I can't believe that his friends hadn't suggested to him he might go and see a therapist in the UK to discuss his feelings about his adoption, his parents, the abuse he suffered in a childrens home and his subsequent relationships with other gay men. They seemed all for the idea of sending him off to a bunch of brainwashing Christian fundamentalists. Nice mates. Fortunately he was smart enough to realise that Love In Action seems to primarily be a money making scam and had really "cured" anyone of being homosexual, but I was saddened that he had to go all the way to Memphis to find someone to talk through his issues.


Blogger brucie said...

I watched it too Mark, and it made me sad too. David seemed such a nice fella, very articulate and a good laugh.

Why on earth he decided to go down the mad road of 'Love in Action', another money making, pseudo religious scam from the American Far Right.

So glad he saw his own light and got out of that awful place.

I hope he meets a nice gay man who he can settle down with and enjoy his god children.

9:53 AM  
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