Sunday, October 30, 2005

An extra hour...

Well it sounds like a warzone outside which means it must nearly be November 5th and Guy Fawkes Night. I forgot the clocks went back today which means I am an hour ahead of myself. I have used the extra time very constructively. I cleaned my room ( This actually took half of Saturday too, I am such a slut.)

I have also burned a CD for the hold music at work. I thought I'd do a compilation of cheesey model/looks related songs:

1. James Blunt -Your Beautiful

2. Xtina-Beautiful

3. Scissor Sisters-Filthy Gorgeous

4.Kratwerk-The Model


It then gets a bit random:

6. Dreamgirls (from the show) Well the models are a bit like "dream girls"

7. Olivia Newton John-Xanadu. I chose this because sometimes people are a bit cross about waiting on hold and this always seems to make people smile and sing slong.

8. Mary J Blige-No More Drama. I sometimes feel that our models/clients/bookers should listen to this and think about their actions.

9.Julie Andrews-My Favourite Things. I have no idea why I thought this would be funny.

10. Lisa Stansfield - All Woman. Because our girls are!!!

11. Kid Creole-I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby. Male model anthem methinks!

12. Judy Garland-Over The Rainbow. It's camp, it's about following your dreams.

13. Irene Cara- Fame. "Because fame costs and right here is where you start paying"

Yes, I know. I should get out more


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