Friday, October 21, 2005

Surely they can do better

Friday night: I am meeting Aussie Sharon Stone, Miss Dior and Neurotic Olly. They have decided to try a new bar. Some bright spark has come up with a classy and amusing name: Free Willy. *sighs* It's in the former Buddha Bar, which looks like a railway carriage and never managed to attract the punters. Still, it will be good to see the boys as it seems to have been ages.

Flattie has a new mobile. It's the Sony Ericksson with camera/memory stick/music player. Someone is jealous.

Should I be worried about Bird Flu? The newspapers are talking about it endlessly. I mean, we humans have pharmacies stocked with Lemsip, Vicks and Olbas Oil. These things are not available to chickens, no wonder they feel poorly.


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