Monday, November 14, 2005

Weird Saturday

It’s always the same. You have a couple of days off work and you get sick. Fortunately it’s just a head cold, but it has meant I have not been on the best form.

I really should write about Saturday night because it was all rather dramatic, but then again some of the people involved read this and it might start everything off again. The Johns had been talking about having a games night for a couple of weeks. On Saturday evening we all went round to Mac’s for an evening of Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary issue. There were 8 of us, Me, Flattie, Bex, The Johns, Big Word Will, Fox and Mac. I may have got a few hackles raised by my request to watch the results of the vote for The X Factor. (Maria was robbed; can you believe that The Conway Sisters are still in the competition?) I also made them sit through the 5 minute DVD of I Just Want to F**king Dance. Then we all got down and started the game. Triv always causes a few heated debates, whether it is about the scoring, the teams or who gets to ask the final question. We were paired up, I was teamed with Bex. The new version has very strange questions, for example; in the Art and Literature category, we were asked,” What would you be buying if the bar code started 649?” The answer was a book. After about an hour of half hearted playing and general whinging from everyone about the standard of questions things started to get tense. Briefly, JW said that he was going home because we weren’t playing properly. JC followed him and brought him back o the room. JW said if we didn’t want to play we should just stop and although the rest of us were prepared to carry on, we decided to stop. I can’t really remember what happened next, I started packing the game away, and JC started getting really aggressive. I didn’t really understand what the problem was, but it seemed like he didn’t like the way I packed the game away. It then all kicked off as I made a comment about the game being made by The Daily Mail. JC went mental, saying that it was my entire fault the evening was a disaster. Bex tried to diffuse the tension, by saying that it wasn’t my entire fault and that JC should apologise. JC looked directly at Bex and said he was sorry. I had moved across the room and pointed at myself, indicating that I think the idea was that the apology be directed at me. JC freaked out, said some mean things and stormed out, with JW in tow. Everyone looked at each other not exactly sure what on earth was going on. Big Word Will thought it might be something to do with them buying the game, Bex thought there might be something going on between the two of them, and Iain thought he had missed something while he was in the kitchen. Flattie and Fox thought that they might have fuelled the flames with some of their remarks. We stayed at Iain’s for a while longer, each choosing a song from his vast CD collection. I chose Mary J Blige, “No More Drama”.

I texted the Johns on Sunday to ask what I had done to make them so cross but it’s Monday and they still haven’t replied. It’s a bit tricky as it’s JW’s birthday this week which means he will be celebrating on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will not be in town for Thursday, but if we don’t patch things up, should I go on Friday and Saturday? I am also supposed to be going away with JC next week for a bit of a detox in Tunisia! Sharing a room with someone who is not speaking to you? That could be interesting.

Sunday: Cold had kicked in and although it was a beautiful autumn day I didn’t feel like doing much. I spent most of the day in bed. However I managed to make it out to the Tea Rooms on Liverpool Street for Gay Bingo. It was a riot, absolute carnage! I won for the first time, a lovely wand and crown set, called Princes Lucy. We decided not to open it up but to save it for Fox’s friend, Lucy. Johnny Woo did a live action version of Madonna’s new video; he looks great in a leotard. I must admit I do find Johnny really sexy. Eeek! I am top of me. I now have a nice friction burn and a whopper bruise on my arm. Much fun though!


Blogger brucie said...

What is it with Trivial Pursuit?? Last time i played everyone came to blows too. Ending with my mate's girlfriend saying she was going to go home because he was being so unreasonable to which he replied - 'Fuck off then, as you have been fuck all use all evening!'

It should come with a health warning!


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