Saturday, September 15, 2007

Much of Friday was spent oohing and ahhing over two new things in the office. Hannah brought in her puppy Stanley and Julien showed off his new iPod Nano that Pablo had brought him from NY. I want them both!

Last night I went to The Box Bar straight after work. We (Johns, Flattie, DC and me) were there to surprise Leicester Lee. His BF James had brought him to London for the weekend for his birthday. John explained to me that the idea was a surprise and so we would have to be there before Lee and James arrived, and not pitch up an hour later, as is my usual trick. Drinking from 6.30 on an empty stomach is not to be recommended, but hey, it was a special occasion. Lee was really surprised and pleased to see us. I was delighted to have a fresh audience for my "Dinner with Joan Rivers" story. We had a couple at The Box, went over to The Green Carnation and staggered into Profile for "just one more." I left James, Lee and Black John there and went in search of chips. V.bad.

This week should be a busy one. There are always lots of things going on during fashion week. It's Gay London Zoo day tomorrow and then Gay Bingo in the evening, althought there is an event at Holland Park at 8pm which sounded really interesting. On Monday I am going to see Bobby's band, then on Tuesday there are a couple of Fashion Week launches, A Kickers/Id party and a magine launch. Wednesday it's Wheeldon at Sadlers Wells and Friday is Emanuelle's Club Sandwich. Pass me the Berocca!


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