Friday, September 14, 2007

Back again

Hannah brought Stan into the office for the first time today. He is her Welsh terrier puppy and has behaved beautifully all day. He is so cute, he is going to be our office dog.

Last weekend was much fun. I cycled into the office on Saturday to nip into the gym and pick up some bits and pieces. On the way home I stopped off on the South Bank to watch some of the boats racing along the Thames. They had a huge sound system set up just in front of the Festival Hall and were pumping out tunes to help the rowers on their way. I had to scoot on home as Flattie had fufilled a lifetime ambition of mine and secured me a ticket to The Last Night of the Proms. It was an incredible evening, I had a great view of all the barmey Promers and the whole orchestra. One of the guest artists was the Russian soprano Anna Nebtrenko. She has the most beautiful voice and you could tell she really loved the whole prom set up. In the second half she started cantering around the stage and draped herself all over Flattie and started playing his cello in a most provocative manner! I don't think I've ever seen him look so mortified, but secretly chuffed!

This week we've been to a couple of parties. Jack Wills had drinks to celebrate the opening of their new store on Floral Street. We've had quite a few guys do their advertising and so went along. They've tried to be a bit of a British Abercrombie/Ralph Lauren. the booze was free flowing and Flo who used to work with us turned up so we went onto Profile Bar and had a good old catch up. The next evening it was Fire Trap. Their store is next door to Jack Wills on Floral Street. We had all the guys in their campaign this season and most of the look book. The invite promised a 20% discount goody bag, and you know what a bunch of cheap-skates we are here, so there was a full turnout. Several glasses of champagne later, Sandi and Ryan were waiting at the checkout with new shirts. Katy, Alice and I were more restrained. Katy and I had a quick one in the Green Carnation (Our new favourite bar) and then home to bed.

Sunday is back to Gay Bingo. Should be a train wreck.


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