Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Waiting for 7.15

I have a date. I saw him at Duckie on Saturday night. He waited to let me past at the toilet. We smiled at each other. I saw him a little later as I was being dragged off to Rebel Rebel. There was something about him so I wrote my number down and slipped it to him as I left. He texted me his number and we had a flurry of messages on Sunday. I spoke to him on Monday and we have arranged to go for a drink tonight. I do not have a good date outfit on. I was in a rush this morning and when I put on my planned shirt and jean combination it looked all wrong. I didn't have time to rethink and iron, so it's a sweater and jeans. Hmmm. He works till 7pm and so I have to wait behind at work and get to the bar for 7.30.

We had drinks for Grumpy's birthday, but I was good and passed on the booze as I don't want to rock up 2 drinks ahead of him. The gang here have all gone to an opening of a new luxury pet store, with Stanley in tow. Yes, we will turn up to anything!


Blogger Grant said...

Well this is exciting isn't it!

I hope he's nice to you, and that you have a lovely time.


5:33 PM  

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